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boat 0P8A0461_RTF.jpg
Samoa Tourism

Beautiful Samoa

Unfortunately  I didn't get to go to Samoa for the shoot due to a super low budget, so concepts and shots were worked out in detail beforehand and great faith in the photographer and all was well in the end

Team / Phil Parsonage / Rob Jack

Role / Art Direction

Photography / Mike Heydon

Agency / Federation​

Girl on bus SAM0005 Sunday Magazine 262x291 FP_Ad_AW2 copy.jpg
Paradise SAM0005 Escape SST 254x366 FP_Ad_AW.jpg
Boat AD SAM0005 Escape SST 254x366 FP_Ad_AW-2 copy.jpg
vic parkooh-b_945.jpg
POOL ooh_945.jpg
POOL_ AIRCON SAM0002 Epsom Rd 7.7x4.2 DOOH_AW-extra-1.jpg
beach SAM0002 Blenheim Rd 12.16x3.2 DOOH_AW-extra.jpg
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